The Generational Theft Act of 2009: Standby America to Spend Ourselves into Oblivion

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As I write this post the Senate is on the brink of passing the most harmful bill of my lifetime. We’ve already been told that the debate is over (sound familiar?) and swift action is necessary (for reasons unknown, except perhaps that a bunch of senators want to go to Munich this weekend) despite 200 of our top economists opposing the bailout.

For those who haven’t had a chance to review all 679+ pages of House Resolution 1 (more aptly known as the “Generational Theft Act”) you can read it here. Alternatively, save yourself the day-long reading and just ask yourself the following common-sense question… will the following included “goodies” actually heal our economy enough to justify the enormous debt we’re passing on to the next generation of Americans? I think not.

$160 million for “paid volunteers” at the Corporation for National and Community Service (what the hell is a “paid volunteer,” anyways?)

$246 million to Hollywood movie producers to encourage more film production

$600 million to buy hybrid government cars (will we require another bailout once it comes to time to replace the batteries?)

$125 million for the Washington D.C. sewer system (how does this stimulate the economy?)

$100 million to reduce the hazards of lead-based paints

• $200 million for grass to reseed the National Mall

$400 million to the CDC for STD prevention

$88 million to brainstorm a new ice-breaker (isn’t global warming doing it for us?)

$248 million for furniture at the new DHS headquarters (itself a relative bargain at $448 million!)

And these are just a few of the goodies. Meanwhile, Democrats claim “there’s not a single earmark in this bill” and “there’s no pork.” Do they really think the average American is that dumb? Has everyone in Washington gone nuts? Really? $200 million for grass - I just don’t get it!

Perhaps we should consider the following quotes during this time of lunacy:

“You know, sometimes the big spenders in Congress talk as if all that money they spend just kind of magically appears on their doorstep, a gift from the Internal Revenue Service. They talk as if spending were all giving and no taking.” -Ronald Reagan

“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money to spend.” -Margaret Thatcher

“The question whether one generation has the right to bind another by the deficit it imposes is a question of such consequence as to place it among the fundamental principles of government.  We should consider ourselves unauthorized to saddle our posterity with our debt, and morally bound to pay those debts ourselves.” -Thomas Jefferson

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

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expelled_no_intelligence_allowed.jpgI treated myself to a great movie last month, “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” both starring and written by the brilliant and outspoken Ben Stein. “Expelled” is an independent documentary that takes a look at how “Big Science” (the scientific component of our nation’s secular progressives) is actively suppressing evidence that contradicts evolutionary theory while persecuting the many American scholars who present scientific evidence in favor of intelligent design.

While watching the film, two new salient issues surfaced in my mind concerning the Intelligent Design debate.

The first issue concerns the tactics used in the Intelligent Design/Evolution debate far more than the specific scientific subject matter. Namely, why have Academia and the Left taken away the rights of free speech and inquiry for any topic they oppose? Why is the ACLU actively campaigning to limit First Amendment rights? And, why aren’t more people concerned about this phenomenon? It’s a disgrace to 2.7+ million Americans who died while defending the fine liberties and freedoms this country offers that, today, “free-speech” only seems to be a right if you stand on one side of the political spectrum.

Second - and this was an entirely new discovery for me - ”Expelled” highlights that the side with the greatest connection to faith-based concerns isn’t the Intelligent Design crowd but, instead, the Evolutionists. Simply stated, the connection between atheism and the evolutionists is far more evident and stronger than any connection the Intelligent Design group has with Creationism and Christianity. As backwards as that may sound, the film makes the clear unambiguous connection between evolutionists and atheists whereas Intelligent Design theorists are not actually aligned with any particular religious/atheist group.

Why does this all matter? Because this goes well beyond the Evolution/Intelligent Design debate. It shows the alarming control that leftist universities, the scientific community, and the mainstream “drive-by” media have in determining what’s “appropriate” free speech and what isn’t (namely, anything outside their ideological world view). No person who ever wants to have a genuine scientific debate concerning issues such as intelligent design or global warming should ever be told to “go away, the debate’s over.” Unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s occurring today. You owe it to yourself to rent this documentary!

A Great Day for Washingtonians

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Thursday marked a great day for every Washingtonian - whether they realize it or not (most likely not) - as the Supreme Court finally overturned D.C.’s handgun ban. Liberals have already decried the 5-4 ruling as a “controversial,” “fractured,” and “splintered” from a biased ”conservative” court (not surprisingly, the same hypocrites labeled this month’s 5-4 Boumediene v. Bush ruling as “landmark” and “historic” because it rebukeMan of the Yeard President Bush).

The Second Amendment is quite clear (”the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed“), so it’s hard to imagine how such an unalienable right can take 33 years to restore and with such a relatively split, though not unexpected, 5-4 opinion at that. Nonetheless, our nation must be thankful to have justices like Scalia, Roberts, Thomas, and Alito on the bench.

Perhaps the rest of our courts can learn from this example and take some time away from inventing rights out of thin air to start recognizing our longstanding unalienable rights.

Barack Guevara

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After a few months away from blogging, I’m back!

I keep thinking the latest Obama craze is just a bad dream - but then I wake up every morning and he’s still around.

Last week, Investor’s Business Daily reported in this editorial that an Obama campaign office in Houston was decorated with a Cuban flag featuring the face of Che Guevara. Although Obama didn’t personally sanction the display of this flag, his rebuke of its presence (calling it “offensive” but not demanding it be taken down) was quite telling.

This whole episode, entirely unnoticed in the mainstream media, of course, is concerning for a number of reasons.

obamaflag.bmpFirst, it was Obama who rebuked his Senate colleagues wearing American flag lapel pins as “hypocrites,” yet somehow the man finds it acceptable to continue displaying a communist flag of a murderous thug in an office bearing his name.

Second, and this has far less to do with Obama but is more of a statement regarding the ignorance of Obama’s young leftist followers, why is Che Guevara idolized? Yes, I understand he took a motorcycle journey across South America in the 1950s  - which, I suppose, was pretty cool - but that’s about where his praiseworthy accomplishments end. This murderous thug was personally responsible for ordering more than 10,000 firing squad executions in Cuba that in most cases amounted to genocide. He should not be idealized in the history books as a revolutionary idealist, but instead as the genocidal thug he really was. The fact that so many of America’s politically-active leftist youth are ignorant to this reality is an absolute shame. Guevara deserves no praise, he has rightfully earned his place in hell.

Third, and back to Obama, why has this flag issue remained outside the mainstream media? There has been no mention of it on the New York Times, Washington Post, or L.A. Times. Yes, this is a rhetorical question, but still it deserves consideration. Can anyone imagine a similar response if, say, a McCain campaign office proudly displayed a Nazi flag featuring Adolf Hitler? Then, could you imagine what the press’ response would be if McCain refused to have the flag removed! Of course not.

Finally, this whole flag incident illustrates that a potential U.S. Commander-in-Chief tolerates supporters with loyalties to enemy states that seek to harm the United States. Which, of course, conforms with his “no-strings-attached” policy plans for communist Cuba. Unbelievable!

I know the man’s platform is “change” but does anyone even care to examine what kind of change he supports. There is such a thing as change for the worst. The fact that such a dolt is being seriously considered for the White House is nothing short of frightening.

Oakland International Airport, Shame On You

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More than 200 U.S. Marines returning from Iraq were denied entry to the Oakland International Airport passenger terminal last week. According to a 29 September blog entry by the National Review’s Michael Ledeen, the Marines were given a bogus security excuse and forced to remain sitting on the Oakland tarmac for three hours. This was despite the fact that they received a thorough security search by U.S. Customs officials in Kuwait, they were allowed entry into the terminals at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, and they carrying impotent weapons lacking both bolts and ammunition. 

In short, it’s just another example in the long line of disrespect the Bay Area has shown for those Americans willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. For those thousands of troops killed in World War II whose last ever living memory of the American homeland was of sailing beneath the Golden Gate to those brave Vietnam veterans who returned to San Francisco only to be spit upon, today much more should be expected from the Bay Area.

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