The Hillary Show

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The Hillary ShowThe good folks over at Stop Her Now have created a masterpiece. But, then again, how can you go wrong with a true to form animated Hillary Clinton alongside yeehaw’in sidekick Howard Dean?

Check out The Hillary Show for yourself!

Must Be That Dang Global Warming

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Tropical Depression Erin approaches the Coastal Bend.

Tropical Depression Erin 

The City That Hates America

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San Francisco is at it again. No other city has a greater despise for those willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in our defense. 

Once again, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors is trying to prevent the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Squadron from performing in the annual Fleet Week festivities this October. 

Today the San Francisco Examiner reports that city supervisor Chris Daly, with the support of three local peace advocacy groups, is drafting a measure to call on the city’s congressional representatives to “use all resources at their disposal to bring a permanent halt to unnecessary flyovers by military aircraft.”  The resolution cites several absurd reasons behind the proposed banning such as concerns jet fuel harms the environment and that loud noises will “terrorize” nearby pets and wildlife. Most despicably, however, the board cites concerns that the Blue Angels would “traumatize” war veterans. 

Huh? Considering Daly has no desire to ban non-military flyovers the first two points seem moot. And the notion that Daly (who would not for one millisecond place himself in harm’s way defending our fine freedoms) is actually concerned for the wellbeing of veterans is just plain insulting.  

As a prospective San Francisco Fleet Week tourist, I think I’ll be writing to Daly ( in an effort to better understand his reasoning.  

Julianne’s Afghanistan Trip

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Kabul, Afghanistan

View Julianne’s photos from her recent month long visit to Afghanistan. While in Afghanistan, Julianne traveled to Kabul, Mazar-e-Sharif, and Herat supporting USAID’s Accelerating Sustainable Agriculture Program.

Julianne’s company, Chemonics International, has a large presence in Afghanistan supporting a variety of development projects ranging from producing agricultural alternatives for poppy farmers to providing Afghan women the entrepreneurial skills needed to open small businesses in rural regions of the war torn country.

Another Disappointing Top Chef

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Last night, for the second week in a row, my weekly television addiction to Bravo TV’s Top Chef ended in bitter disappointment. The show once again proved their commitment to valuing the rating-potential of various contestants more than their actual cooking abilities.

Sara NThis week, the very talented 25-year-old Sara Nguyen was voted off despite her sliders being the most popular dish of the evening. Granted she wasn’t the best chef of the evening, but clearly she wasn’t the worst. Meanwhile, abrasive and obnoxious Howie continued to pass the blame for his shortcomings (both as chef and team leader). His uninspiring Cuban sandwich last night was only matched by his equally unsuitable leadership skills.

Nearby, holier-than-thou Hung defends his heinous cauliflower ice cream mix-in by passing the blame onto us lowly commoners who can’t appreciate his highly refined tastes. Hung, like Howie, has become an expert and shifting the blame when the going gets tough - and so far has been highly rewarded.

When will the Top Chef producers stop rewarding folks like Howie and Hung who consistently pass the buck and weasel out of any accountability? It should be a cooking show first and a personality contest second.

By the way, editorial shortcomings notwithstanding, I’m still standing by my prediction for this season’s winner: Tre.

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