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After a few months away from blogging, I’m back!

I keep thinking the latest Obama craze is just a bad dream - but then I wake up every morning and he’s still around.

Last week, Investor’s Business Daily reported in this editorial that an Obama campaign office in Houston was decorated with a Cuban flag featuring the face of Che Guevara. Although Obama didn’t personally sanction the display of this flag, his rebuke of its presence (calling it “offensive” but not demanding it be taken down) was quite telling.

This whole episode, entirely unnoticed in the mainstream media, of course, is concerning for a number of reasons.

obamaflag.bmpFirst, it was Obama who rebuked his Senate colleagues wearing American flag lapel pins as “hypocrites,” yet somehow the man finds it acceptable to continue displaying a communist flag of a murderous thug in an office bearing his name.

Second, and this has far less to do with Obama but is more of a statement regarding the ignorance of Obama’s young leftist followers, why is Che Guevara idolized? Yes, I understand he took a motorcycle journey across South America in the 1950s  - which, I suppose, was pretty cool - but that’s about where his praiseworthy accomplishments end. This murderous thug was personally responsible for ordering more than 10,000 firing squad executions in Cuba that in most cases amounted to genocide. He should not be idealized in the history books as a revolutionary idealist, but instead as the genocidal thug he really was. The fact that so many of America’s politically-active leftist youth are ignorant to this reality is an absolute shame. Guevara deserves no praise, he has rightfully earned his place in hell.

Third, and back to Obama, why has this flag issue remained outside the mainstream media? There has been no mention of it on the New York Times, Washington Post, or L.A. Times. Yes, this is a rhetorical question, but still it deserves consideration. Can anyone imagine a similar response if, say, a McCain campaign office proudly displayed a Nazi flag featuring Adolf Hitler? Then, could you imagine what the press’ response would be if McCain refused to have the flag removed! Of course not.

Finally, this whole flag incident illustrates that a potential U.S. Commander-in-Chief tolerates supporters with loyalties to enemy states that seek to harm the United States. Which, of course, conforms with his “no-strings-attached” policy plans for communist Cuba. Unbelievable!

I know the man’s platform is “change” but does anyone even care to examine what kind of change he supports. There is such a thing as change for the worst. The fact that such a dolt is being seriously considered for the White House is nothing short of frightening.

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