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expelled_no_intelligence_allowed.jpgI treated myself to a great movie last month, “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” both starring and written by the brilliant and outspoken Ben Stein. “Expelled” is an independent documentary that takes a look at how “Big Science” (the scientific component of our nation’s secular progressives) is actively suppressing evidence that contradicts evolutionary theory while persecuting the many American scholars who present scientific evidence in favor of intelligent design.

While watching the film, two new salient issues surfaced in my mind concerning the Intelligent Design debate.

The first issue concerns the tactics used in the Intelligent Design/Evolution debate far more than the specific scientific subject matter. Namely, why have Academia and the Left taken away the rights of free speech and inquiry for any topic they oppose? Why is the ACLU actively campaigning to limit First Amendment rights? And, why aren’t more people concerned about this phenomenon? It’s a disgrace to 2.7+ million Americans who died while defending the fine liberties and freedoms this country offers that, today, “free-speech” only seems to be a right if you stand on one side of the political spectrum.

Second - and this was an entirely new discovery for me - ”Expelled” highlights that the side with the greatest connection to faith-based concerns isn’t the Intelligent Design crowd but, instead, the Evolutionists. Simply stated, the connection between atheism and the evolutionists is far more evident and stronger than any connection the Intelligent Design group has with Creationism and Christianity. As backwards as that may sound, the film makes the clear unambiguous connection between evolutionists and atheists whereas Intelligent Design theorists are not actually aligned with any particular religious/atheist group.

Why does this all matter? Because this goes well beyond the Evolution/Intelligent Design debate. It shows the alarming control that leftist universities, the scientific community, and the mainstream “drive-by” media have in determining what’s “appropriate” free speech and what isn’t (namely, anything outside their ideological world view). No person who ever wants to have a genuine scientific debate concerning issues such as intelligent design or global warming should ever be told to “go away, the debate’s over.” Unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s occurring today. You owe it to yourself to rent this documentary!

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