The Generational Theft Act of 2009: Standby America to Spend Ourselves into Oblivion

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As I write this post the Senate is on the brink of passing the most harmful bill of my lifetime. We’ve already been told that the debate is over (sound familiar?) and swift action is necessary (for reasons unknown, except perhaps that a bunch of senators want to go to Munich this weekend) despite 200 of our top economists opposing the bailout.

For those who haven’t had a chance to review all 679+ pages of House Resolution 1 (more aptly known as the “Generational Theft Act”) you can read it here. Alternatively, save yourself the day-long reading and just ask yourself the following common-sense question… will the following included “goodies” actually heal our economy enough to justify the enormous debt we’re passing on to the next generation of Americans? I think not.

$160 million for “paid volunteers” at the Corporation for National and Community Service (what the hell is a “paid volunteer,” anyways?)

$246 million to Hollywood movie producers to encourage more film production

$600 million to buy hybrid government cars (will we require another bailout once it comes to time to replace the batteries?)

$125 million for the Washington D.C. sewer system (how does this stimulate the economy?)

$100 million to reduce the hazards of lead-based paints

• $200 million for grass to reseed the National Mall

$400 million to the CDC for STD prevention

$88 million to brainstorm a new ice-breaker (isn’t global warming doing it for us?)

$248 million for furniture at the new DHS headquarters (itself a relative bargain at $448 million!)

And these are just a few of the goodies. Meanwhile, Democrats claim “there’s not a single earmark in this bill” and “there’s no pork.” Do they really think the average American is that dumb? Has everyone in Washington gone nuts? Really? $200 million for grass - I just don’t get it!

Perhaps we should consider the following quotes during this time of lunacy:

“You know, sometimes the big spenders in Congress talk as if all that money they spend just kind of magically appears on their doorstep, a gift from the Internal Revenue Service. They talk as if spending were all giving and no taking.” -Ronald Reagan

“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money to spend.” -Margaret Thatcher

“The question whether one generation has the right to bind another by the deficit it imposes is a question of such consequence as to place it among the fundamental principles of government.  We should consider ourselves unauthorized to saddle our posterity with our debt, and morally bound to pay those debts ourselves.” -Thomas Jefferson

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